Margit is the creator, manager and the soul of the company. Today, she has over 20+ years of experience in the field of textiles, which has given her the courage to share her advice and knowledge with others. Margit’s ability to see projects from different angles is what continues to positively surprise customers. Her personal approach to projects, her practical recommendations for choosing a suitable model for the user and her design advice is what makes her clients happy to buy and wear new workwear. In cooperation with manufacturers from around the world, she always finds the best and most suitable solution for even the most demanding customer. Smile with Smiletex 🙂



Kaja has invaluable marketing and sales experience in various sectors for over 18 years. The new challenges are what make Kaja’s eyes shine. Her ability to adapt quickly and find the best possible solutions are qualities that one cannot be without in project-based sales. Kaja’s excellent sense of style helps the client reach the right desicion, who himself may be perplexed by the choices. Smiletex news and the latest HoReCa world trends reach our customers through Kaja’s skilled digital marketing solutions and social media coverage. If our customers are doing well, then everything is well. Win-win!

Tule tutvu toodetega meie salongis

Address: Tartu mnt 87e, 10112, Tallinn

Tel.: +372 51 19 040


Open: E–R  9–16:30

Register code: 12784544

KMKR: EE101771885

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