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Smiletex has 25 years of experience, professionalism, faith and a desire to offer consumers high-quality and diverse textile products….because that’s how Smiletex, which has been selling HoReCa textile products on the market for 9 years, was born. As the company’s positive name suggests, our goal is to brighten and enrich the choice of specialty clothing for both the HoReCa sector and other business sectors such as transportation and medicine. We also offer our products to the conscious private consumer.

During our nine years of operation, we have developed together with our excellent customers and partners. It is thanks to our trend-conscious customers, who value user comfort and environmental friendliness, that we have made various world-class and highly recognized brands available to Estonian consumers from which everyone finds what they like.

We look forward to seeing you all at our shop, where you can try, choose, order or buy products now! Our selection includes over 200 aprons, almost 200 different chef’s jackets and blouses, as well as for professionals working in the service sector, from tunics and blouses to t-shirts and bow ties.


Brands we represent

A valued Danish brand of Nordic products with a modest design, high-quality fabric and that significantly extends the life of the products. Their Functionality, user-friendliness, sustainability and good-looking design are what’s important to them. They have been using Tencel (natural fiber that is made from wood pulp) as an innovative material and all their Fairtrade products are available with Coolmax mesh inserts which are also used on their cook jackets to increase the breathability of their clothes. Kentaur is a company whose products include the largest proportion of clothes that use recycled materials based on the principle of Sustainability. Best value for money.

Premium brand in the HoReCa world. A Dutch family business that makes no compromises on quality or wearer comfort. It is difficult to describe the good features of the brand and the suitability for wearing, you have to come and experience it yourself in the Smiletex shop :). The combination of different fabrics ensures the comfort of movement and breathability of the fabric. More than half of Le Nouveau Chef’s collection consists of chef’s jackets, aprons and shirts made from sustainable fabrics (Green Choice). The materials used are Tencel (natural fiber that is made from wood pulp), recycled polyester and organic cotton. All of them being lightweight materials that are comfortable to wear even after a long shift in a hot kitchen.

The world’s best-known and largest US brand producing chefs and service clothes which is represented in 65+ countries. It has an impressive catalogue of denim aprons, chef jackets of different styles from classic buttons to new color models combined with locks, prints and mesh materials on the back and sides. Chef Works helps you to stand out and find a unique outfit, both in terms of cuts and color choice and even for your craziest ideas. Good value for money. Lightweight materials, easy maintenance.

Guintessentially British! The keywords are adaptability, simplicity and convenience. Oliver Harvey’s customizable aprons have won many customers all over Europe with their unique products. All garments are carefully made of the latest textiles and fabrics which are finished to the highest standards, ensuring both the longevity and the value of the garments. For the customer who values environmental values, there is a new Lifestyle Collection, which is made of 100% nature-friendly fabrics, including organic cotton and recycled polyester. All Oliver Harvey clothes are made in Great Britain!

A manufacturer of high-quality uniforms aimed primarily at the service sector, with a selection of clothing for restaurant and cafe service providers as well as beauty and health care workers. There are many different shirt types up to T-shirts and polos. They are distinguished from the competition by a wide range of colors, which makes their products available in over 60 different colours. All of their products are perfect for promotional gifts. Quality products at affordable prices!

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