DIAN footwear: Symbol of confort, design and health

For over 30 years, DIAN has been at the forefront of the work footwear manufacturing sector, dedicated to enhancing the lives of workers through superior product quality, rigorous research, and continuous progress. Our mission is to provide not only convenience and comfort but also safety and adaptability for a diverse range of working environments and anatomies.

Commitment to Comfort and Safety

At DIAN, we understand the importance of comfortable and safe footwear in the workplace. Our shoes are designed with the worker’s well-being in mind, offering features that cater to various needs and conditions. One of the standout benefits of DIAN footwear is the ability to incorporate orthopedic foot supports. These supports are specifically designed to correct or alleviate various foot pathologies that some workers may experience, ensuring that every step is taken with health and comfort in mind.

Quality and Certification

DIAN’s commitment to quality is reflected in our adherence to rigorous standards. Our products meet the EN-ISO-20347: 2012 and EN-ISO-20345: 2012 standards, which guarantee that our footwear not only meets high design and production criteria but also excels in marketing processes within the footwear sector. This adherence ensures that our shoes provide reliable protection and durability in demanding work environments.

Moreover, DIAN proudly holds the OCE stamp, a certification of Spanish origin that attests to the authenticity and quality of our products. This certification is awarded following an audit process conducted by independent professionals, confirming that DIAN’s products are genuinely Spanish-made and meet the highest standards of quality.

DIAN: A Solution for Everyone

DIAN’s range of work footwear is designed to offer solutions for everyone. Whether you work in a high-risk job that requires robust safety features or need specialized support for foot health, DIAN has a shoe that fits your needs. Our focus on adaptability means that our footwear can accommodate different foot shapes and conditions, providing personalized comfort and protection.

A Shoe That Cares for the Worker’s Health

At DIAN, we believe that the right footwear can make a significant difference in a worker’s life. By prioritizing health, safety, and comfort, we aim to support workers in performing their jobs more efficiently and comfortably. Our dedication to quality and innovation ensures that DIAN remains a trusted name in the work footwear industry.

Explore our range of products and experience the DIAN difference—where every step is a step towards better health and comfort.

All footwear from DIAN marked CE, indicate that they are in compliance with Directive 89/686/EEC on personal protective equipment. EPI

– Category I: The EPI’S that simple design, the user can judge for themselves its effectiveness against minimal risks whose effects, when they are gradual, can be received on time and without danger to the user. THEY HAVE A DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY FROM THE MANUFACTURER, without the intervention of notified bodies. The lightweight shoes in this category only protect small shocks and vibrations that do not affect vital areas of the body and can not cause irreversible damage.

– Category II: : The footwear category II certified, they must hold a certificate of EC-TYPE EXAMINATION issued by a notified body as INESCOP. Referring to the rules that apply, EN-ISO-20347, for footwear or EN-ISO-20345 for safety shoes.safety shoes

Standards for work shoes: EN-ISO-20347

Class I (leather and other materials, excluding all rubber footwear and all-polymer).

Description: There are different levels of function symbols of protection offered.

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