KENTAUR – high quality Nordic design

The well known and loved Denmark brand Kentaur’s finest task is to make work clothes for the entire European market including to Estonia as well. They have 28 years of experience behind and their main goal and priority is to design, develop and provide the highest quality business clothing.

As they say, workwear is not just workwear. It´s a lifestyle. The Kentaur workwear collection has been developed in collaboration with the teams of chef associations in Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. Kentaur is innovative, forward-thinking in their developments and are proud of their Nordic design line with its simple style and high quality. They always keep an eye on the details, because it is the small details that make the difference in a busy everyday life. Designing business clothing, Kentaur focus 100% on comfort, quality and functionality.

All the business clothing are tested by users through focus groups, ambassadors and professional laundries. In this way, they anticipate the needs before they arise. That’s why Kentaur calls themselves trendsetters within workwear.

Check the KENTAUR 2021 catalogue here