Le Nouveau Chef – sustainable, personal and fashionable

Le Nouveau Chef – family-owned company from Dutch that started in 1986 has grown to become one of the best-known brands in the hotel, restaurant and catering business. Bold styles with a great fit. Le Nouveau Chef combines fashion and functionality. Their professional clothing for kitchen and service staff is comfortable and looks good. A cool or elegant look with a great fit. Beautiful and comfortable, original, innovative and creative. Moreover, their high-quality products are sustainable. Le Nouveau Chef work with organic, Fairtrade and recycled materials, all converging in their Green Choice Collection you can buy from Smiletex e-shop.

Green Choice
Le Nouveau Chef is not only known for its high quality and innovative designs, but its also the leading brand regarding the use of sustainable fabrics for both chef- and service wear. Even though sustainability is a top of mind topic these days, it is still hard to find sustainable fabrics which are meeting the requirements of the hotel- and restaurant industry (like durability, maximum comfort, colour fastness and suitable for industrial laundry).
After years of hard work and evaluating yarns and fabrics, Le Nouveau Chef is proud to introduce their Green Choice Collection. All products in this collection are (partly) made of sustainable fabrics (Tencel, Organic cotton, Recycled PET Polyester), which ensures you that you have bought a high quality piece of garment which is, mainly, produced by respecting the natural resources of our planet.
To make their contribution to a sustainable one world, Le Nouveau Chef is planning in collaboration with Original Beans a tree for every chef’s jacket made with Tencel; One Jacket, One Tree.