OLIVER HARVEY – „quintessentially British”

Oliver Harvey was born out of the realisation of a distinct shortage of Tailored Chefs Clothing that is designed and manufactured in Great Britain.
An Oliver Harvey chefswear garment is quite simply everything you would expect from a British Designer. Meticulously designed to cope with the rigours of a hectic kitchen, carefully crafted from the latest textiles and fabrics, and finished to the highest standards ensuring both longevity and value.

Tailored & Simple

Combine this with contemporary styling normally seen on the catwalk and you will understand why “quintessentially British” is positively right.
The range has been designed based on Classic styles with an inspired twist to bring to market a range that is ultimately the best in class. This is after scouring the four corners of the world to find a selection of fabrics that not only look and feel great but also perform to the exacting standards of any domestic and commercial wash process.

100% Sustainable

Every garment with Oliver Harvey name on represents what they are about and the new Lifestyle Collection is no exception. They have always played with the idea of creating a lifestyle range for chefs. After all, chefs are a unique and creative bunch and they put their own mark on everything they do. Everything in the Lifestyle Collection is made from 100% sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and recycled polyester which in short means less energy and less water involved in production and substantially less emissions than what you’d be buying from a retail outfit. As well as the environmental benefit, wearing organic cotton is softer and kinder on the skin and it gives a really distinctive look. So take your own flair out and about with our latest range.